Chinatown bus: pray for us

Chinatown bus
Because of some PGW love* that arrived in this week’s mail, I am feeling thrifty. Thrifty enough to brave the Saturday 7:00 AM Philadelphia to New York Chinatown bus, despite the warnings of Sassy J, Sam, and others.

So I am not sure what to make of Benny’s World: According to the Chinatown Bus, a new weekly feature on Philebrity:

Benny loves himself the Chinatown bus. Not only is it an economical means of inter-urban transportation, it also offers its riders critical insight into the workings of major social, cultural and economical phenomena. It is in essence the adult version of an Electric Company skit, replete with important lessons that we should all carry beyond our 2 – 5 hour Chinatown bus experiences.

Even as I type this, Superwoman is making her way to New York on the same bus. Godspeed, Superwoman. I pray for our safe reunion tomorrow morning.

* $277 for a month of gas in a one bedroom apartment?

13 responses to “Chinatown bus: pray for us”

  1. Jen

    Gas companies are the devil! Our January bill was $380, which prompted this post.

  2. Sam

    My PGW bill was $65. Of course my landlord pays for heat so the $65 was only because I cook alot.

  3. dragonballyee

    Wow, $65 worth of cooking! I’m on electric heat/range and it’s running me around $110 so far this winter. I do a good amount of cooking as well.

    Spring is just around the corner! After all this snow that is.

  4. Sam

    Becky: Although a bit embarassing to admit, I will anyway, because it somewhat funny.

    When I first read this post, I misread PGW as PGN, which is that Philly Gay Network or something. And I was wondering what on earth you were doing to get a $277 bill from a Gay organization. “Is Becky gay?” “But I thought she had all these boyfriends” “Maybe she realized things late or something”.

  5. Scott

    My gas bill is usually $12 a month, but I have electric heat, but I often keep my apartment very cold to keep things cheap.

    And plus I have my sweet, sweet books to keep me warm.

    But $277 for one month for your apartment seems WAY too much. You should have PGW come out and check out the situation. Or perhaps someone from the PGN.

  6. Scott

    Oh, and I forgot to say this, “The chinese bus? You’re one brave woman!”

  7. Jen

    I should add that the $380 bill was from heating a house, not an apartment so you should probably get your shit straightened out. We’ve been living off of space heaters sicne that bill and our electric bill hasn’t been anywhere NEAR our gas bills, which are still too high for my liking.

  8. Raul

    $277!!! Our last bill was for $215 for a 2500 sqft house. Plus we have a gas stove and dryer. I guess Philly gas is better than Reading gas.

  9. Glenn

    I have to agree with everyone else Becky.
    Unless you keep your apartment at 95 degrees 24/7 there is no reason your gas bill should be that high. That is insane.

  10. Clair

    As a test, try turning your heat off for a month and see what your bill is. You’ll want to do it now because the rates change at the end of winter.

  11. Martha (jinzi)

    Can you have them look at the usage for the same month last year? I’m trying to remember what it was I read recently that made me think the gas company in your area was being investigated for fraudulent charges.

    Now I feel the need to Google. Maybe I was dreaming.

    We did have a similar situation here in Jersey a year ago with the gas in a secondary dwelling and couldn’t get a history because it was too new. Turned out that when a neighbor had called to get their service switched on, the meter numbers had been reversed on the accounts accidentally and we were being charged for their apartment. They had more space, it was their primary dwelling, etc.

    Food for thought?

  12. Suzette

    Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined that YOU would be a passenger on my sworn enemy, the Chinese gambling bus. Have I not written enough about the perils of sharing the road with these careless brutes? Did you not read my woeful tales of seeking out the safe harbor of the berm to avoid having my car being mashed by a Chinese bus? And still, you got on one. Brave woman.

  13. very metal

    I like to imagine that these Chinese buses you speak of look something like this — maybe that’s just the “magical realist” in me.