The Futureheads: ultimate winter blah antidote

The anti-winter blahs project is going well. I did everything on my previous list except for the Davey and Goliath marathon, which I had down for the wrong date and which conflicted with the Iguanas show that I didn’t get to because Bright Eyes played at the Academy of Music on the same night, but I waited too long to get tickets and ended up seeing The Life Aquatic instead. Good movie, made me smile, two thumbs up.

But next week is the ultimate winter blah antidote: The Futureheads are playing the TLA on February 23rd. Sometime last summer, I downloaded Robot from an mp3 blog and played it over and over. Then I finally got the album for Christmas (thanks, Dan S!) and have been playing it constantly. Decent Days and Nights is on my Top 10 list of favorite songs ever.

The Futureheads are perfect for attention-impaired lovers of energetic music. The album comes in at under 40 minutes, and it’s fast and fun the whole way through. Also, I like men with British accents. In a year when The Old 97’s put out a mediocre record and another band I used to like put out a record with an *11 minute track*, thank God for the Futureheads.

Metacritic has several reviews, including this blurb from Alternative Press:

Stop pretending that Morrissey is still relevant, that the Libertines are actually good and that you understand Radiohead. The Futureheads will give you everything you need, if you just let them. [Dec 2004, p.144]

2 responses to “The Futureheads: ultimate winter blah antidote”

  1. very metal

    looks like they’ll be playing at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philly on 2/23/05… as, ahem, a responsible blogger, you should go see them and let us all know how they are live so I can decide whether to buy the SXSW wristband needed to see ’em live in Austin this spring

  2. Becky

    Being the responsible blogger that I am, I got the tickets a few weeks ago. A bargain at 10 bucks.

    I am very jealous of the whole SXSW thing.