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Unusual lighting schemes

Unusual lighting schemes

Last week’s All Wear Bowlers outing was my first visit to Old City’s Mum Puppettheatre. One of the best things about that space is the lights made of four-sided cheese graters. What a brilliant idea! The venue contains sconce lighting in the form of cheese graters attached to the walls; in addition, there are cheese […]

All Wear Bowlers

All Wear Bowlers

While everyone else was digging out of the snow and watching the Eagles, Scott* and I caught the Sunday matinee of All Wear Bowlers, produced by 1812 and performed at Mum Puppettheatre. From Two silent film clowns take a wrong turn and find themselves in a haunted theatre, where hard-boiled eggs play tricks on […]

Heathen pretzels:  Beelzebub invades Philly street corners

Heathen pretzels: Beelzebub invades Philly street corners

Pretzels, a popular American source of carbohydrates, are a sacred snack: Monks used them to reward children who memorized Bible verses. The pretzel twist represents a child’s arms in prayer. The three holes represent the Christian trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What, then, are we to make of the “Philly […]

22nd and Green

Bring it on.

Milk? Check. Stack of books and magazines? Check. Blanket? Check. Christopher Elbow spiced drinking chocolate? Check. Leftover tortilla pie and shoo fly pie? Check. Lawnchair to stake out parking spot? Tomorrow’s problem. Bring it on. UPDATE: Karl over at Philly Future is compiling a fun list of weblogger storm coverage. Sure beats Hurricane Schwartz.

The story of Moon Pappy

The story of Moon Pappy

Guess who made the 2,000th comment on Good Grief!? None other than the infamous Moon Pappy. And why, you ask, is Moon Pappy called Moon Pappy? Moon Pappy loves to work in the garden. He spends many hours planting, weeding, mulching, and composting and spends a lot of his extra money on trees and shrubbery. […]

SEPTA:  Investment opportunity of the century!

SEPTA: Investment opportunity of the century!

Here in Philly, we are distressed about the financial woes of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA), the organization that runs our busses, trolleys, subways, and regional trains. Every year SEPTA ends up short on cash, and every year miracle money mysteriously appears to pull it through the crisis. But this year, SEPTA really, really […]