Published author–again!

City Paper Love & Hate
I am happy to report that the Philadelphia City Paper printed my I Love You, I Hate You rant.    In fact, this week’s edition contains several similarly-themed entries.

There was also a great piece* by Agnelina Sciolla about people who “increasingly regard their politics like religion–something that suggests a certain moral superiority and which should not be questioned.”  I won’t say more, but people who know me in “real life,” as they say, will understand why this woman is my new hero.

*This link will only be good until next week.

6 responses to “Published author–again!”

  1. Bernard (The Beat is back)

    I whole-heartedly agree. Without heated discourse will there be heated intercourse?

  2. Scott

    What is this ‘real life,’ of which you speak?

  3. Becky

    It’s hard to explain. Think of “real life” as things that you experience outside the frame of a computer monitor.

  4. Scott

    Outside the frame of a computer monitor?

    You mean the ‘big scary void,’ as I call it?

    No thanks, sister.

  5. Jen

    Ha! Congrats Becky!

  6. Clair

    Hey, I thought I was your hero.