Boss-across-the-hall update: outsourced!

Boss-across and I recently had a very disturbing conversation:

Boss-across-the-hall: Tell me again about the secret table missing from our database diagram?

Becky: What secret table?

BATH: The one you told me about earlier.

Becky: You didn’t find it yet? I said that so you’d get out of my office. I’m busy finishing up these stored procedure before next week’s code freeze.

BATH: How’s that going?

Becky: The hard part is done, and I’m working on the audit code, which is very repetitive. Given enough time, a bunch of monkeys with typewriters could probably write it.

BATH: How much do you think that would cost?

5 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update: outsourced!”

  1. Jen

    Maybe BATH hasn’t found it because it’s a ‘secret’ table.

  2. Dave

    I just hope you’ll outsource to American monkeys.

  3. Clair
  4. Becky

    I will certainly not send him that link!

  5. Jen

    How about sending him this link?