Soup exchange: I am woman, hear me blend

Listen up, all you wussified, Kitchen-Aid-lovin’ cooks out there. I am here to tell you about the Joy of Soup, old school style. I spent the better part of Sunday peeling and chopping six pounds of carrots. Chopping with a big-ass knife. Not putting into a food processor and pressing the button.

Yes, the big-ass knife method takes longer and is infinitely more dangerous (I still have scars from the sweet potato incident of ’02), but I like to think of unhurried food prep as extra “me” time. There’s nothing like spending a leisurely afternoon in your warm and cozy kitchen, especially on a chilly, overcast day: sipping a beer, listening to the weekend doo wap show, sniffing spices, searching frantically for the butterfly bandages.

And what’s that? Is a 747 landing on the deck? Nope, it’s my grandmother’s old Solid-State Osterizer Cyclomatic blender. This sucker weights in at about fifty pounds and is not for the faint of heart.

The end result of the peeling, chopping, and pureeing was a tasty curried carrot soup (it looks like baby food in the first picture because I hadn’t thinned it yet). And why such a massive quantity of soup? Because Sassy J came up with the brilliant idea of a soup exchange–six of us made soup, met at Sassy J’s place, and proceeded to sample and swap.

Starting from the back-left corner and going clockwise: squash/mung bean, potato leek, lentil, cream of asparagus, curried carrot, and curried apple. Not to brag or anything, but we rule.

10 responses to “Soup exchange: I am woman, hear me blend”

  1. Suzette

    You do rule! A soup swap – what a lovely idea.

    Mr. Sami would be so jealous of your Cyclomatic. He held onto our rusted old GE food processor as long as he could before his lucky find of a 70s-era Osterizer in someone’s gargabe heap. We used that for a while until even he had to admit that the leakage from the bottom was too much. He caved in and bought (against his better judgement) a brand new blender which turned out to be unsatisfactory not just in horsepower but in so many other ways. He threw it out and is once again on the prowl for a good old fashioned blender like your grandmother’s. Lock your doors.

  2. Jen

    Wow. I’m impressed. When I make soup, I just use the can opener and stove-top. And to me, using the stove-top instead of the microwave is *real* cooking.

  3. Sassy J

    I am in love with all the soups! Although Becky, I have to say that I chose to eat yours first (again)–what a yummy lunch made with muscle, love, and hopefully not too much hemoglobin. And I’m sure the fact that mine was made with assistance from my two-in one Kitchen Aid food processor/blender did not deter you from enjoying it. There’s still satisfaction in scrapping carrots, etc. But who really wants to chop onions or lots of garlic? Go forth all you bloggers and orchestrate a soup exchange!

  4. Marcia

    Mmmmm. I LOVE soup. Can I come over? I’ll bring some warm bread…

  5. Glenn

    I want some soup too! 🙁

  6. Moon Pappy

    Becky S… Moon Pappy here. Is it my imagination (or your camera) the carrot soup looks a little red. Is it the curry or a little bit of oxygenated hemoglobin?
    Hey anyone for HAM and a little bean soup? Let’s support it for the pig farmers of America

  7. Theresa

    best. idea. ever. I have to find soup swappers in DC!

  8. Becky

    Sassy, your soup exchange idea is a hit! And of course I love the lentil soup, despite the Kitchen Aid two-in-one.

    Naturally, anyone who happens to be in the neighborhood is welcome to stop by for a bowl (including Glenn, who put a frowny face on my weblog!).

    Jen: confession–after a long day of work, I often open a can of soup and cook it on the stove.

    Moon Pappy: the pig farmers of America salute you. The pigs, however, salute me.

  9. Glenn

    Sorry for the frowny face! I didn’t know they were taboo! I just wanted some soup!

  10. yoko

    All those soups look delicious! Sounds like your curried carrot soup was a hit– good job!