Max Raabe is the cat’s pajamas

palast orchester
Oh. My. God.

Just when I thought my love affair with the Internet might be ending, something comes along to rekindle the old magic, namelyMax Raabe & Palast Orchester. This German outfit specializes in twenties and thirties cabaret numbers but has also been covering current pop songs. Like Oops! I Did it Again by the one and only Britney Spears. I demand that you listen to it right now. Right. Now.

I could only find one US tour date–Sunday, November 21st in Atlanta, Georgia. If there are tickets available, I would seriously consider a roadtrip for this show. I’m not kidding. That is how much I love my new friend Max. Love. Him.

A special thanks to Trout Fishing in South-Central Wisconsin, which has mp3s of Oops! I Did it Again, along with several other Max Raabe tracks:

  • Mambo No. 5
  • We are the Champions
  • Let’s Talk About Sex
  • We Will Rock You.

23 responses to “Max Raabe is the cat’s pajamas”

  1. Sam

    You are right! Oh. My. God.

    This is wonderful.

    I wonder what the Spears clan would say about this. I think I like “Let’s Talk about Sex”. I promised myself that I would spend any more money on music this year, but I have to break it.

    Thanks so much for having a blog. I have now a new fondness for the Germans (besides the less than 25% blood in my husband’s body).

  2. Sam

    that was *wouldn’t spend.

  3. Scott

    This is fantastic!

    Ahh, I love the interweb, and God bless the Germans.

    I have a very big soft spot in my heart for odd covers.

    Thanks Becky!

  4. Sam

    …and CDs can be purchased via the German version of amazon.

  5. Scott

    If I could read German, I would buy it! Damn my American education.

  6. Scott

    Oh, and by the way I am now obsessed with Max Raabe.

  7. Sam

    “Tainted Love” is also available on the Tout Fishing site. I likey mucho.

    Damn it! I should stop my Portuguese lessons and switch to German. Obsession with Max Raabe continues in this household as well.

  8. Sam

    Don’t mean to spam. But I believe I just bought a Max Raabe and Co CD. I bought in Euros. I bought this CD. Its 2 CD with about 29 songs. Plenty to keep me in giggles for a long time.

    The interface is basically the same, so ordering appeared to have worked out. Its EUR 30+ including shipping. Which is about $38 USD. I just received a confirmation email that looks a lot like the spam I sometimes get, except its from containing a similar confirmation email content like the ones I have received from

  9. Becky

    I too was befuddled at how to complete a transaction on the German Amazon. So I went to eBay and picked up a copy of Junger Mann in Frubling, a 1999 release. I don’t think it has any covers, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

    The Google translation of the German Amazon is very amusing. From one review of the recent DVD:

    with all bungle in politics asks one itself sometimes whether it still something gives from Germany, for which one can envy the country – who knows max of Raabe, has it found – the musical equivalent to value work – highest precision.

    Yes, I think that Germany can be very proud of Max of Raabe.

  10. Jen

    I’d offer my pull-out coach in Hotlanta, but damn.. not even my dog likes to sleep on it.

  11. Elisabeth

    I too am in love with Max Raabe. I can’t get enough of it.

  12. Britney Spears

    Max Raabe, you drive me crazy. You are going to be my third husband.

  13. Bernard (The Beat is back) those songs are great. I especially like the tuba in “We Will Rock You”. Thanks for giving some culture to an over-worked dad of three kids.

  14. Scott

    I am listening to it over and over again as well, and I think I might be driving my office mate insane, but that’s part of the fun of sharing an office, right?

  15. Subtext Whore

    Wow. The weirdness factor well and truly beats Travis’s rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time.

  16. Bernard (The Beat is back)

    I found it on

  17. Becky

    Thanks, Bernard. I wish I had known about that before the impulse eBay purchase.

  18. Suzette

    I surrender.

    For days, I tried to appear cool and uninvolved but I confess to you now that I have been relentlessly playing Oops! in the office and at home.

    This is more evidence that Becky and her internet finds are taking over my life. Next I’ll be scouting the Jersey shore for toilets on wheels or limiting my produce purchases to only those things highlighted in the Market Report.

  19. Bernard (The Beat is back)

    I don’t think that I understand the ending of the “Oops” song. I must admit that I never heard the original version so I am not sure if it was part of it or not. What is the spoken part at the end of the song supposed to mean?

    By the way, I think that Mambo No. 5 is my favorite.

  20. Bernard (The Beat is back)


    So…she can’t sing, she can’t dance and she even steals themes from other artits. Um..what is she good at?

    I think that this is a good topic for you Becky.

    “Britney – what is she good for.”

  21. Scott

    Enquiring minds want to know, are you road trippin’ to Atlanta to see Max in the flesh?

    Sounds like fun in my book, but then again I have an odd book.

  22. Becky

    Sounds like fun in my book too, but I’m not sure yet. That’s a long way to go for one show, and I’ll probably be traveling for the holidays. Tickets go on sale 10/25, so there’s still time to think about it.

  23. Peter

    I just bought several Max Raabe CDs from German Music Express ( for $9-$12 each, plus $4.95 shipping for the whole order. I found them through GEMM ( when I finally decided I had to own some of this music. Great stuff!