Boss-across-the-hall update: comprise versus compose

He is busy making a PowerPoint presentation for Important People. We had words.

Boss-across-the-hall: Please review these slides.
Me: [5 minutes later] Technically, what comprises the e-mail system is incorrect. The whole comprises its parts. The parts compose the whole.
BOTH: Really? Well, I like the way comprises sounds. I’ll keep it.
Me: What about The e-mail system comprises the following items?
BOTH: Nah.

6 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update: comprise versus compose”

  1. Sam

    “Well, I like the way comprises sounds. I’ll keep it.”

    Boss-across-the-hall sounds like he is a bit across the hall.

  2. Becky

    He’s been a little loopy lately. He was singing “Strangers in the Night” while putting the final touches on the presentation.

  3. Dave

    I’m extremely surprised that you’ve never heard much about the Shaft. The Princeton Review even talks about it in their Drexel writeup. It’s quite amusing.

    Well — according to Wikipedia:
    When people think they are getting a bad deal from the University, they often refer to it as getting the “Drexel Shaft”. The Drexel Shaft is also a structure on campus, and according to university legend the structure grows one more inch every time a student is shafted.

    For a wonderful Shaft animation (clean) created by Newgrounds‘ Tom Fulp, see

    Go Dragons.

  4. Becky

    I was going to plead ignorance due to attending Drexel as a part-time grad student. The experience consisted of visiting the Rush building once a week for 3 years–hardly a way to become immersed in all things Drexel.

    But then I asked boss-across-the-hall, who went through the same program, and he knew all about the shaft, the website, and the game.

    So it really is extremely surprising that I didn’t know about the shaft.

  5. Dave

    No, it’s actually a good thing you haven’t heard about it. If you had, it would probably mean you were royally screwed by Drexel.

  6. Becky

    Dave, I wouldn’t say I was royally screwed. However, the way the MSIS credits work is a big scam:
    – MSIS requires more credit hours to complete than most graduate programs
    – Not to worry! The classes are 4 credits instead of 3, so you’re not actually taking more classes than the average graduate program
    – But….we will charge you by the credit hour

    It was really my former employer who got the brunt of the Drexel shaft.

    Theresa: I see that the defense department is testing a blimp in DC today–is that the one you saw? In the article the blimp is flying.