Boss-across-the-hall-update: conference bike!

conference bike
I just sent boss-across an e-mail, which he will hopefully read first thing Monday morning:

From: Becky S
To: Boss-across-the-hall
Cc: Business Intelligence Team
Subject: Can we put this in next year’s budget?

Pretty please?

I think the conference bike would be perfect for IT outings and those long, post-lunch meetings:

This Quicktime movie shows the conference bike in action:

It’s only 9,500 Euros plus shipping. Just to show you what a team player I am, I’m willing to forgo all training expenses next year in favor of this product.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information that will help to fit the conference bike into the 2005 budget.

Becky S

Conference Bike link via A Welsh View.

7 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall-update: conference bike!”

  1. Dana (American Evacuee)

    i think an important consideration is whether the hallways at your business are wide enough to accomodate this, ummmmm, vehicular monstrosity.

    that said, a go-getter like you oughtta be on wall-street. No really.

  2. michael


    You have a knack for finding cool stuff. I want one of these.

    Quite pricey though.

    Wanna go 50-50? I get it on Thanksgiving, you can have it on Christmas…we can discuss Arbor Day.


  3. Tintil

    Is the soundtrack that accompanies the video clip available to buy separately?

  4. Sassy J

    Are the matching ruffled tuxedo shirts in different colors included in the price? Is there a connection with the toddler stage of childhood and corporate decision making? The whole thing is hilarious–and what’s with the his and hers bikes in the videos? It’s like an updated sound of music vignette.

  5. Becky

    As I walked in the door this morning, boss-across’s first words were, “no conference bike!”

    Sheesh. If the soundtrack is available separately, maybe we can get that instead.

  6. Emily

    You know – I am kinda upset that boss-across-the-hall he wouldnt see the power of the conference bike. After all we did read and discuss “The Five Disfunctions of a Team” together. You would think that he would be more open to inovative team building opportunities. Sheesh!

  7. Becky

    I forget–was “shooting down team members who think up brilliant ideas even on weekends” one of the 5 disfunctions of a team?