Glacier National Park

sunrise at St Marys lake
Well, scratch one item off of the lifetime “places to see” list. Despite the cold, the rain, and the bears, visiting Glacier National Park was a fantastic experience.

4 responses to “Glacier National Park”

  1. Scott

    I suppose they don’t call it Big Sky Country for nothing.

  2. Manjusha

    Glacier National Park sure looks beautiful.

    How come every time someone else goes traveling they manage to get a beautiful picture of a rainbow? And I never do!!!

    One of those mysteries of life.

  3. Becky

    Believe me, I took about 10 pictures of this rainbow because how often do you get up for the sunrise, happen to be in a beautiful park, see a rainbow, and actually have your camera?

  4. gus3

    The cold and the rain (alas, no bears) followed me through Big Sur last February. A twisty road, a mountain on one side, the chop of the Pacific Ocean on the other, rain the whole way. I was basically saturated with Nature. I’d probably have to go to China or South America to see something similar.