Calling Viggo Mortensen

Curses. I came home after a fabulous book club meeting at Sassy J’s place and accidentally erased several messages. Viggo, were you trying to call me? I hate it when that happens.

By the way, Sassy J is an excellent cook*. She served mojitos, endives stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts, some kind of eggplant spread, pesto and bread, gazpacho, spinach and chickpea pasta salad, fruit, and oatmeal cookies–all homemade. Guests at my book club meetings are lucky if they get some boiled ravioli from the Italian Market.

Curses again. I just wrote one of those annoying weblog entries that is all about what I had for dinner. Sorry–I’m tired.

* Technically, Sassy J is single, but she kinda likes this guy she’s been dating. Men, better make your move before it’s too late (except for you, Viggo).

18 responses to “Calling Viggo Mortensen”

  1. Von Hayes

    One of those messages was from me. Call me please. Forget Viggo.

  2. Doug Glanville

    Forget Viggo and forget Von. I called you. I heard you in Montreal. I appreciate your support, esp. since I suck and cost Milton a no hitter a few weeks ago.

    Please call me back!

  3. Viggo Mortensen

    Becky’s not into jocks. I’m sure she prefers an intellectual actor, poet, musician type.

    Call me!

  4. Tintil

    Becky, I don’t think you need to worry about Sassy J tempting Viggo with her vegetarian fare. He’s always struck me as a man who likes his meat (or is that just wishful thinking on my part?)

  5. Becky

    So wait–now I’m competing with Sassy J AND Tintil the hot photographer? Dag.

  6. Sassy J

    Tintil–I was forced to cook for vegetarians, including one who doesn’t eat dairy. Did you not read my guest blog on Tasteless Americans? I love meat (and fish), and have many succulent recipes proven to ensare carnivore men in my liar. Let me know if you need some recipes for your own ensnarements.

  7. Sassy J

    By the way, I am selfishly exploiting this blog to declare my undying love for Super Woman–whom I plan to marry as soon as she works out the details with her husband. Last night, she left me a stealth present that I discovered after everyone left. A beautiful pink and black box with vintage photographed cards from Simply She called “You’re Great, REALLY; Dating & Being Single.” A slinky goddess card reads: “I know he thinks he’s having a conversation with me, but he’s really talking with himself about himself and I’m just nodding my head a lot.” A princess card reads: “No, I don’t have impossibly high standards. I’m just trying to find someone I actually like.” These cards have caused much laughter. I love it superwoman!

  8. Sassy J

    Blast these hyperlinks! I will master them: Simply She .

  9. whitebait

    Mmmm, is it just my imagination or are we living in a moment where Mojitos are spiking on the global hip-o-meter? My friend in NY introduced them to me last month. After getting back to Melbourne I was talking this experience up (and trying to accrue further alco-cred) when a dude walked out of the kitchen with the drink in question and stories of how he’d been throwing them back in Havanna the month before. Curses! Blown out of the soda water as a real try-hard.

  10. Rebecca

    You writing about your dinner is more exciting than me writing anything about my life 😉 Ooohhhhh woah is me!!!

    And Viggo told me he was upset at your utter apathy toward his efforts with you and is running off with me instead – HA!

  11. Becky

    Step off, Rebecca!

    I’m just playing hard to get. Viggo likes that.

  12. Viggo Mortensen

    Like I said before forget all of them and call me…

  13. Viggo Mortensen

    Like I said before forget all of them and call me…

  14. Viggo Mortensen

    Like I said before forget all of them and call me…

  15. Grant Harley

    Yo Viggo you rock. I love all of your movies . I want you to tell me your address and email address . I`m your number 1 fan . Oh and you were the best in L.O.T.R (aka lord of the rings).Well please write to me back ,oh and can you tell your friends like orlando bloom i said hi! You Rock.Your so Cool. Go Viggo .

  16. Grant Harley

    And can you tell me your pone number asap o and im 10

  17. Grant Harley

    srry mest up on that one

  18. Grant Harley

    Hello is anyone there