Push button for green light

corn crosswalk

4 responses to “Push button for green light”

  1. Rebecca

    Haha *snort!* That’s a great one. They actually have a crossing pole in the middle of a field. Is there even a traffic light there?!

    It just reminds me how one time when my dad and I drove to visit my grandparents who live in a tiny little town in Illinous and my grandpa was all excited and asked if we’d seen the new traffic light they put up “in the middle of town”. It was so cute and trivial I loved it – so different from the usual grind. But at least there it was on a ROAD…not in a FIELD

  2. Becky

    Yeah, that cracked me up. Actually, there is a road, and across it are two houses. So if you’re walking around the cornfield and want to visit one of the houses, you can “push for green light.”

  3. Dana (the crack REFORMED whore)

    i guess someone REALLY wanted modern technology (snort) and just had no where to put it!
    my question is–is the button hoof friendly or does it totally oppress the four legged society which the corn would show to be a major political force in this community??

  4. Dave E

    Clearly the Corn is on the move. The real question is why? Why do they want to cross the road? I don’t think “To get to the other side” is going to cut it this election season.

    Is this Christian fundamentalist rural PA corn moving in on the liberal suburbs of Philadelphia?

    God forbid, is this Islamo-fascist corn? Are they moving on the Conventions?

    And just why don’t we have any good intelligence on this anyway?

    Maybe….oh my God….there’s Cheney’s face just to the right of the pole….this is Halliburton corn!

    Made you look. 🙂