Arts Pick: emptiness of pop culture

Hello Kitty cake

Today’s arts pick is an astoundingly brilliant commentary on the emptiness of pop culture. The ubiquitous subject is familiar to most people as a loveable kitty exploited to sell everything from school supplies to thongs.

But don’t be deceived by the sweet exterior, which lacks substance and depth and merely serves to conceal the despair caused by crass consumerism. The most obvious example of this hopelessness is the subject’s right ear, which has been savagely removed–perhaps as an homage to Van Gogh–but does not bleed the blood of the living. And though the vacant eyes have been pierced by instruments of illumination, they cannot be windows to an entity that has no soul. Alas, the mouthless subject must endure her abuse in silent anguish.

This piece is currently on display in a Philadelphia refrigerator. Please be advised that security is high because several visitors have attempted to remove the left ear.

10 responses to “Arts Pick: emptiness of pop culture”

  1. Clair

    Don’t forget the fact that someone put sticks in it’s eyes…oh wait, it is a cake and not a real kitty. Nevermind.

    And Happy Birthday.

  2. Becky

    “someone put sticks in it’s [sic] eyes”

    Those are candles, Clair–“instruments of illumination.”

  3. Moon Pappy

    Thanks for the clarification, I thought they were lolliepops.
    (lollie papp,lollie poppa oh lollie lollippa….ba boom..boom..boom) (new birthday song!
    Your should have only one candle for this prime number, but then cats have more than one eye. Happy early birthday (posted 1 hour before actual birthing hour
    Love YA…. Moon Pappy

    PS. Aren’t you glad we do not use the Chinese custom of gestational age = 1 year noted at birth!

  4. Clair

    Candles in eyes? That is even worse than sticks!

  5. Dana

    almost pee’d myself a bit
    instruments of illumination–LOL!

    you gonna eat that whole thing by yourself?? Then you’ll need to change the domain name to–my cake made my butt look big!

  6. mac

    It really needs some Peanut Chews…you know, for visual interest. Uh huh, visual interest. *grin*

  7. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that this mouthless feline will be consumed through the portals of ingestion of others. Oh the humanity! Happy Birthday fab Blog Mistress!

  8. whitebait

    Hmmm, I’m thinkin that the Hello Kitty people will be very unhappy with those pointy-pointy eye sticks:

    ‘You can get a Hello Kitty vibrator and douche, but not a letter opener. Sanrio, the company that owns the license, draws the line at sharp objects.’ (Wire, Sept. 2001)

    It is true, I’ve seen the vibrator (but let’s not go there).

    That aside … happy birthday from Melbourne.

  9. r

    Happy Birthday!
    I really like your cake. I knew I’d like my hubby when he randomly went to the Sanrio store and bought me a contact case that had the black kitty, Chocolat, on it. Being too grown up is dumb.

  10. Kelly

    I laughed out loud as I read your opening sentence while catching a glimpse of the kitty cake.

    Happy Birthday.