Lost in Translation

Not since I almost got busted by the German train police for traveling on a phony Eurorail pass have I visited a place where English is not the primary language. It might be cheating to count Montreal, since the city is English-friendly, but that didn’t stop my inner dorky tourist from getting excited about all things French.

ArrĂȘt signs! And how about watching Fahrenheit 9/11 with French subtitles* and trying to figure out which words correspond to burn motherfucker burn? And check out this French computer:

french error
* Either the Canadians are a grave bunch or some of the humor in this movie did not translate well. Is it not funny that the theme from Greatest American Hero accompanied Bush’s stint on the aircraft carrier? And what about the part where the citizens of Tappahannock, Virginia speculate about possible terrorist targets in their small town?

Unless French is an unusually succinct language, I doubt that shady, mind-numbingly homogeneous superstore translates to supermarché.