Happy Father’s Day, Moon Pappy!

plaid family

plaid family

7 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, Moon Pappy!”

  1. Christine

    Ohh, you were so cute! (assuming that’s you)

    Still can’t get over how huge plaid was back then.

  2. Moon Pappy

    Christine…what do you mean “WERE SO CUTE”? Cuteness doesn’t end when one gets older….it ahhh… just transforms and evolves into something else, just as cute. Think of those butterflies who were once just “cute” caterpilars, who crawled on the ground, but now are flying on their own.
    Finally….I predict Plaid will be back to haunt us all.

  3. philip

    Moon Pappy, didn’t I see you at Woodstock.


  4. Anonymous

    Got plaid??
    LUUUUUUUUVVVVVV the pic! truly i do.
    maybe the 80’s weren’t so bad after all.

  5. Sassy J

    You and Moon Pappy look positively Scottish in plaid and with RED hair! What an adorable babe (also applies to the present–but to you, not Moon Pappy–sorry MP). Where is that red hair now? Strawberry blonde, whatever.

  6. Moon Pappy

    Dear Sassy J. The photo aged to have this red tinge. It was scanned but not “adobieafied”. Maybe the red paid in Becky S’s bleed into the photo?

    PS to the one posted by: at June 21, 2004 at 09:44. You have the wrong decade…try earlier(sorry Becky S. Now everyone knows). (oh well this will be archived and she will never know. It will be our little secret Sassy!

    pps. I’m suprised the buck shoes were not mentioned. I’m waiting for there comeback (along with wingtips)

    pps. Just ignore the dickie

  7. Sassy J

    Moon Pappy,

    I totally forgot about dickies! I used to have one too! Now I miss my halter tops and plaid bell-bottoms!