Outsourcing to India

Press Release: To better compete against the Japanese and the crack whores and to continue providing maximum shareholder value, Good Grief! will be outsourced to India beginning next month.

It was a tough decision, but outsourcing Good Grief! will allow me to focus on my core competencies. I have completed the due diligence and partnered with an Indian firm that has a proven, 7-tier blogging methodology. The synergy of this partnership is the first step towards a best-of-breed weblog that will heighten the reader experience:

  • More frequent updates. Because of the time difference between India and Philadelphia, my Asian counterparts can write material while I’m sleeping.
  • Decreased costs for menial tasks such as deleting comment spam and maintaining link lists.
  • Improved content. For example, we’ll have cool Bollywood shit. Take that, you cute Japanese animals!

4 responses to “Outsourcing to India”

  1. Dana

    good grief, bombay style.

    it is what america wants.

  2. Tintil

    I will under-cut any price they quote you by ten per cent! I have a time difference! I can delete spam!

  3. Becky

    Tintil, what are your Bollywood credentials? Do you have a portfolio? Please forward your CV.

  4. Tintil

    Well, strictly speaking, I don’t have any. But that’s a minor detail, isn’t it? Ok, I’ll undercut by 20 per cent. And I’ll throw in some clip-art. You can’t say fairer than that.