Franz Ferdinand versus the raspberries

How often in life do you get to have fresh, Lancaster County strawberries and raspberries at the same time? These moments are rare, my friends, and a cause for much celebration.

But life is full of bad timing and difficult choices. Tomorrow, Franz Ferdinand will be performing at the Union Square Virgin Megastore in New York City, and the plan was catch a train from Philly and rub elbows with the cool people. But how can I spend the day in NYC knowing that the strawberries await and are becoming less luscious with each passing moment? Can I allow Franz Ferdinand to prevent the raspberries from fulfilling their destiny as a delicious pie?

Sorry, Franz Ferdinand.

I know, demerits for the pre-made crust, but it’s too hot to turn on the oven. The purists may take issue, but I suggest that everyone embrace the warm and welcoming spirit of all pies. Besides, I just want to be in on the latest fad.

9 responses to “Franz Ferdinand versus the raspberries”

  1. DCA

    I vote for the band. The raspberries will be back next year. Given the fickleness of hipster culture, I’m not so sure that Franz Ferdinand will be.

  2. Becky

    Well, I went with the raspberries. Franz Ferdinand will surely be in Philly before the next batch of hand-delivered, fresh raspberries makes an appearance. I’ll just have to do a Franzless NYC trip later in the week.

  3. DCA

    I think “sans Franz” sounds better.

    Yeah, there was really no point to this post. I wish Short-Shorts Guy had offered his opinion, though.

  4. assonance grrl

    Nice assonance, DCA!

  5. DCA

    Thanks! Oh wait, assonance. So close to what every guy wants to hear, and yet so far.

  6. Clair

    Berries vs. Band? I believe in the natural order of things, food will always win out over music. I think I saw it on the Discovery channel or something.

  7. mike

    Franz Ferdinand is playing in Philly this Saturday’s Making Time @ Shampoo. Bring the pie.

  8. Sassy J

    Becky–your pie looks fantastic! What do I have to do to get me some? Dress up like Viggo Mortensen?

  9. Moon Pappy

    I’m glad the Berries won. They are here for such a short time and each years crop has a different flavor and essence that we must embibe yearly lest we forget and remember them not. Maw Nature as provided ideal conditions and with Lancaster County soil, this years vintage of strawberries and raspberries have been truely remarkable. The best solution was given by Mike. Take the pie to the concert and share it!