Good Grief! Japan

Hey, there’s a Japanese Good Grief! And it has little animal pictures. And games! How can I compete with games? Damn the Japanese and their infernal cuteness!

5 responses to “Good Grief! Japan”

  1. Dana

    yes, i too am not happy with the japanese. Some stupid little anime gamesite has knocked me out of the top google listing for “think pink”

    i can’t compete with them either!

  2. Becky

    Who dares put these cryptic Japanese characters on Good Grief?

    Clearly a cut and paste job, since a Google on this phrase returns only one result–the nefarious Japanese Good Grief! And according to, these characters translate to “Good Grief! The page it will pass very”

  3. Tintil


  4. Buzz

    Did you see the little movies on that site? They are funny and weird! Well, I guess the whole site is funny and weird, eh?

  5. pam

    Becky, don’t go down without a fight! You’re an American – you must crush the weak-spirited but cute Japanese competition!