Is this a fable, an allegory, a metaphor, or just a story about people poundin grapefruits into a keyboard?

Can it be? A political weblog that does not whine or proselytize? Maybe it does, but you’ll be so busy laughing your ass off that you won’t even notice. For example:

2 responses to “Fafblog!”

  1. whitebait

    Help! I have no medical insurance … and this blog you link to is so funny. I can only read an entry or two at a time. I think my work colleagues are beginning to wonder what really happens in my office.

  2. Becky

    It’s scary how easily one can get addicted to Fafblog! I only stumbled across it last weekend, and now I need a daily fix. I am so sad Fafblog’s last entry is from Sunday.