Phillie Phanatic

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Responding to the Citizen’s Bank Park update, Tintil says:

I hope that creature is a team mascot and not a food vendor. I’d be very cautious about touching a wiener produced by someone covered in green fur.

phanatic pointing
It’s easy to forget that this is the world wide web and not everyone knows about the Phillie Phanatic. How can the Brits not know about the Phillie Phanatic? He is not only a team mascot; he is the most genius team mascot of all time. Consider:

  • The ambiguity. The Phanatic isn’t subject to the limitations of a real animal. For example, the San Diego Chicken couldn’t have been fuchsia–everyone knows that chickens aren’t fuchsia. But no one can say that a snout-nosed, 300 pound creature from the Galapagos Islands shouldn’t be green with purple eyelashes.
  • The snout. Instead of a mouth, the Phanatic has a snout, mostly used for kissing. Everyone qualifies for a smooch–umps, fans, soldiers, and players on both teams.
  • The tongue. As if a long snout ending in a ring of fur wasn’t funny enough, the Phanatic’s creator gave him a tongue. The mascot uses his tongue judiciously (e.g., to put a hex on the opposing pitcher).
  • The belly. It’s probably a matter of time before the obesity police accuse the Phanatic of setting a bad example. His waistline may be 90 inches, but it sure is fun to see him stomach-butt the opposition and shake his booty to Hey Ya.
  • The hot dog gun. Self-explanatory.

10 responses to “Phillie Phanatic”

  1. Clair

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention who the creator of the Phanatic was. None other than Jim Henson of Muppets fame.

    And I am not afraid to say that I too have been kissed by the Phanatic (but no tongue).

  2. Becky

    Clair–do you have your facts straight on this Jim Henson thing? I found a bunch of articles stating that the Phillies called Jim Henson and were referred to a design studio, but none said that Henson actually created the Phanatic (though the Phanatic is very muppet-esque).

  3. Howard

    Does he still ride around on his four-wheeler? I used to love that big, green, furry mother when I was growing up in PA. He was (and still is) awesome.

  4. Tintil

    Thanks for the explanation Becky. I can see now that he’s very sweet so I’m sorry for casting an aspersion on his character. I’m also reassured to know the hot-dog gun is just a bit of fun rather than a WMD (Wiener of Mass Destruction.)

  5. The Adventures of Tintil

    Morning Update

    1. My boyfriend made it through the night (looks a bit like a prune, but nothing eight pints of water won’t solve.) 2. My cold has got worse. I was so busy sorting through the post-holiday e-mails and in-tray yesterday,

  6. mat

    The Phanatic is the BEST! I moved here in ’98 and was appalled by the disgusting, filthy, smelly state of the Vet–and by some of the disgusting, filthy, and smelly Philly fans–but I immediately fell in love with the Phanatic, who brings out the little kid in all of us. Baseball is still about having fun, and our silly green cutie does that as well as the game on the field. Other than Jim Thome–Lord Jim of Broad and Patterson–the Phanatic is the best thing about the Phillies!

    With the new ballpark (a great use of that 4.5% of my paycheck the city gloms), it suddenly feels grand to be a Phillie fan! It’s now true our team and our city finally deserves our magnificent mascot!

  7. Elise

    As a proud Philly native I must add my support to the Phanatic! He is hands-down the best mascot out there and in fact, the guy who originated the Phanatic now gives courses on mascot-ing to people from around the country. He is the standard in this biz! The hot dog gun is awesome. I also remember how the Phanatic used to dance on top of the Phillies dugout with kids at the Vet. Does he still do that at the new park?

    And finally, what is the nickname of the new park going to be? Are they really going to call it “The Bank”? I guess that’s better than “The Cit” or “The ‘Zen.”

    Go Phillies!

  8. Becky


    Ugh, I hope they don’t call it “The Bank.” My brother and I are campaigning for “The new Vet.”

  9. whistler

    I stumbled across your page while doing a search for The Phanatic. I’ve had the opportunity to study under the original Phanatic and recently had the change to meet the guy who is the current one. They are both really nice guys and professionals through and through.

    They truly make all budding mascots proud.

  10. X Tintil

    Morning Update

    1. My boyfriend made it through the night (looks a bit like a prune, but nothing eight pints of water won’t solve.) 2. My cold has got worse.