Citizens Bank Park: Update

hot dog gun
More impressions of Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park (aka Taxpayer Stadium II).

  • Hot dog gun: malfunctioned, firing a weiner into right field during the game.
  • Seats: still too close together.
  • Bathrooms: clean (before the game, anyway); a stadium employee was directing stall traffic, which helped the line move quickly.
  • Beer: where is the Hop Devil?
  • Harry the K’s (restaurant built into the left field scoreboard): as expensive as we expected, but a fun place to eat dinner and watch the players warm up.

And it’s good to know that Philadelphia hasn’t gotten uppity just because we have a new stadium:

The “Memory Lane” history display (a.k.a. “Nightmare Alley”) is literally within spitting distance of visitors’ bullpen. By game five, it was blocked off.

One response to “Citizens Bank Park: Update”

  1. Tintil

    I hope that creature is a team mascot and not a food vendor. I’d be very cautious about touching a wiener produced by someone covered in green fur.