Hoptown News

Hoptown News! It’s a blog from the Hopkinsville/Clarkesville area of Kentucky, and its purpose is to “allow locals to degrade each other and talk about how crazy their town is.” There’s lots of local flavor, such as polls on whether or not the ex-fire chief should lose his retirement, pleas for the expansion of Charleys (it’s too crowded on wing night), and information about who got pulled over the other day.

Besides the fun stuff, there’s some serious issues afoot in Hoptown because of its proximity to Fort Campbell and the returning 101st troops. The folks at Hoptown News are far more qualified to rail about the war than ivory-towered pundits.

7 responses to “Hoptown News”

  1. michael

    You are too funny Becky.

  2. Becky

    Thanks Michael,

    I assume you’re talking about the picture and not about Hoptown News? I’m worried that my enthusiasm for Hoptown News might be misinterpreted as some kind of ironic internet review (sort of like the art reviews). It really is a great site.

  3. philip

    Becky I haven’t forgotten the pictures. I just can’t find a digital camera big enough to take a picture of the Jefferson Davis monument and I didnt think it appropriate to send you a picture of our prettiest structure, the new jail. Keep tuning in and I’ll get my act together.


  4. philip


    Becky go to “website gear” and you can get the polling program. It’s outrageously expensive but sometimes we need to take a quick pulse and it’s worth 5 bucks a month to be able to do it. It’s just like the ones they use in big cities.

  5. paigerina

    Thanks for your support of the Hoptown News! It is quite a site! If your pals in Philly want to see how their “Country Cousins” are living, we are sure to provide them with a great deal of entertainment.

  6. Shelly

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