Passover leftovers

The project team here in the soulless New Jersey office park is pretty diverse when it comes to religion. Our small group comprises an agnostic, a Hindu, a Jew, a few Christians, and a Muslim (Buddhists, please forward your resumés). Naturally, we’re always in the middle of someone’s holiday; the most recent was Passover, when “anti-freeze” Levine passed out a daily treat. However, I discovered he’s been holding out on us–a peek into his filing cabinet reveals the following leftovers:

  • Two (2) individual bags of Manischewitz Potato Chips
  • Half (1/2) box of Hagadda sugar-free cookies
  • One (1) bag My Bubby’s French vanilla fat-free Passover meringues
  • One (1) bag Manischewitz almond-flavored sugar-free biscotti