Boss-across-the-hall’s boss’s boss

Yes, the big kahuna. A brilliant, scattered, Lebanese man with the attention span of a gnat. A celebrity executive who enjoys speaking at conventions and being quoted in the trade rags. Today he invited me to one of his presentations, so I met him at 6:45 AM, and we took a ride in his new BMW. Crawling along at 25 mph and listening to Jimmy Buffet’s greatest hits was surreal, but one can’t be too picky about excuses to escape from the office.

So what do executives talk about when they get together? I couldn’t make it up if I tried:

  • ink-enabled devices that work through the mobility spectrum
  • business productivity advisors
  • “This is just a scenario. This is not a promise of something we’ll actually deliver.”
  • 38% of the day is spent not optimizing technology

Love that last one.

3 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall’s boss’s boss”

  1. Dana

    “38% of the day is spent not optimizing technology”

    If that last can be at all applied to children failing to use the extra potty ring and thus falling into the toilet, then i think the percentage may be slightly higher.
    at 6:45 we were all asleep still in my bed.
    Self-unemployment has it’s priveledges–they do not include a b-mer

  2. DCA

    A brilliant, scattered, Lebanese Parrothead?!? “Surreal” doesn’t seem to do it justice. I hope you at least took the opportunity to request another green dry-erase marker.

  3. Becky

    Alas, extra dry erase markers are not in this year’s budget.