Philadelphia Film Festival

The annual Philadelphia Film Festival is underway. I have tickets to see eight movies between now and next Saturday!

  • Super Size Me: Could be very biased or very informative or both.
  • Everyday People: A day in the life of a failing Jewish-owned Brooklyn diner.
  • The Cordon: Drama about 1997’s anti-Milosevic demonstrations.
  • The Story of the Weeping Camel: A baby camel is rejected by its mother; a nomadic Mongolian family attempts to save it. The tears are welling up already.
  • Orwell Rolls in his Grave: Documentary about big corporate media.
  • The City That Shoves You Back: Six short films about the best and worst of Philly.
  • The Kite: A love story set on the Israeli-Lebanese border.
  • Hair High: Bill Plympton’s animated gothic-high-school comedy. Matt Groening and Don Hertzfeldt are involved. Yaaaaay!

One response to “Philadelphia Film Festival”

  1. Suzette

    I don’t know – I have a lot of trouble accepting the facts as stated by “Supersize Me!” I’m not at all defending fast food – Lord knows, it’s loaded with fat, corn syrup and offal – but it seems to me that the extreme physical state that the subject of this documentary came to couldn’t have happened in just 30 days. Keep a sharp eye out while veiwing that one and let me know if you think it’s plausible or if it was cooked up to make a point.