South Philly

Bizarre sandwiches aside, Sunday was a perfect day to explore the city–sunny and unseasonably warm. During a late afternoon stop at the South Philly Tap Room, where Lenny Kravitz and Frank Sinatra were in heavy jukebox rotation, I saw another slice of South Philly.

Beethoven’s Fur Elise began playing, which didn’t seem unusual since it’s a popular ringtone. However, as I peered over the rim of my Yuengling and glanced out the window, I realized that the music was coming from a pink ice cream truck driving slowly down Mifflin Street. Right on the tail of the ice cream truck was an angry SUV driver honking his horn and shaking his fist, which made the ice cream guy slow down even more, which made the SUV guy get out of his car to show the ice cream guy a thing or two, which made the ice cream guy take off and leave the SUV guy stranded at a red light. Now that would’ve been a good picture.