Arts Pick: uncertainty

We are living in uncertain times, and artists everywhere are expressing this theme in their work. Few, however, do it as brilliantly as a local Philadelphia artist in her new outdoor installation. The artist juxtaposes organic material with a stark, concrete backdrop to emphasize the temporal nature of her subject; at the same time, she personifies the subject, reminding us of our own mortality. The unusual medium causes the piece to change over time–it began as an unblemished, homogeneous entity but has slowly absorbed the impurities of the surrounding environment until it reached its current bruised and deformed state.

Everything about this piece speaks of our modern-day isolation and struggle–the vacant eyes; the feeble arms reaching out but never quite grasping; the limited color palette that causes the subject to blend into the background, almost invisible to passers-by. This installation is not to be missed. It is showing in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia for a limited time.

2 responses to “Arts Pick: uncertainty”

  1. Clair

    It looks like a snowman to me.

  2. Becky

    Ah, Clair–that’s why I started this blog…to educate plebians such as yourself who can’t even distinguish between modern art and snowmen.