The Schumin Web

Schumin Web
It’s time to introduce one of my online heroes, Mr. Ben Schumin (though in many circles he needs no introduction). Words can’t really describe his little corner of the internet. A typical reaction of first-time Schumin Web visitors is something like this:

  • Seriously? Why would someone send me such a stupid link?
  • This guy is a real piece of work
  • Interesting, but strictly in the ironic sense
  • Well, give the guy credit for putting himself out there

And so on…until, despite yourself, you develop a kind of affection for the guy. So check out the little nooks and crannies that give Schumin Web its character, and don’t forget to visit the fire alarm collection.
Full disclosure: Ben attends my alma mater, James Madison University, so it’s just a tiny bit possible that I’m biased. But I know for a fact that many non-JMU grads have gotten hooked on this site.

2 responses to “The Schumin Web”

  1. Ben Schumin

    Thanks for the mention! Just to let you know, it is now “attended” (as in past tense) regarding JMU. I finished this past December, and my degree arrived in the mail end of January. I have not yet updated the Web site for having graduated yet.

    Ben F. Schumin 🙂

  2. Joshua Miller

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