Buggy driver flees crash on horseback

buggy driver flees accident

Or maybe the buggy driver escaped via rollerblade. Thanks to Moon Pappy for scanning this article from the Lancaster New Era.

Saturday afternoon in Kensington, Philadelphia

This week’s CSA share included Greensgrow bucks, which we spent on bread, heirloom tomato salsa, and a Port Fishington cookie.

The resident chickens seemed in good spirits, and there were signs of fall at the farm, including mums.

Who wants to join my cult?

what color is your parachute
According to the exercises in What Color is My Parachute, my destiny in life is to be a cult leader.  This career path has many advantages over my current position in the soulless office park:

  • Work from home:  Through the wonders of the interweb, I can preach in my PJs.
  • Travel:  I’ll hold quarterly cult conferences in my favorite cities.
  • No pager or cell phone:  As a spiritual leader, I will be tethered not to an electronic device but to a higher power.
  • Instant audience:  having a cult will be my big publishing break.  Followers will have to buy my books because, well, they’re my followers.
  • Early retirement:  once my cult gets off the ground, I will retire to figurehead status.  I’ll still collect the money and make the big decisions, but day to day cult operations will be delegated to trusted disciples.

I am now accepting applications for the position of disciple trainee; remember, the best way to become a powerful cult member is to get in on the ground floor.  This position includes a great benefits package, complete with Canadian health coverage and a 401(k)oolaid plan.

Muppet Labs: Where the Future is Being Made Today

Behold, a great Christmas present:

Beaker Hat

Sadly, when I modeled this at work, five out of five people could not identify the character. After I revealed the name, three of five still didn’t know who it was. Time to get a new job?

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

curse of the were-rabbit
Thumbs-ups to Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Shorter-running cartoons don’t always translate well to full-length features, but the Wallace and Gromit movie is a welcome exception.

The movie is Beauty and the Beast meets Inspector Gadget meets Godzilla, with a lot of bad puns and good music. The story begins with the townsfolk preparing for the upcoming annual Giant Vegetable Contest; everyone, including Gromit, dreams of winning the coveted Golden Carrot. However, there are pesky, veggie-gnawing bunnies who run rampant, threatening to eat the produce and spoil the fun. I won’t give away any more, except to mention that the movie ends with stinky cheese and fluffy bunnies, and what’s not to like about that?

For those unfamiliar with Wallace and Gromit and their previous adventures: Wallace is a homely, cheese-loving, nutty-professor-type Brit, and Gromit is his silent dog who likes to knit. Back in the nineties, this duo visited the moon to replenish their cheese supply, wrestled with a shady penguin and a pair of mechanical techno-trousers, and landed in the middle of a sheep-napping operation.

Links to Curse of the Were-Rabbit trailers are here.
The BBC has a Wallace and Gromit short film available for download.

Arts pick: isolation and sterility

pay up footies

Today’s arts pick is inspired by the 2005 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. These stretchy plastic bags transform a pair of feet into instant performance art.

The dueling symbolism of this piece thrusts a tremendous amount of tension onto the viewer and leaves many questions unanswered. The plastic medium evokes the material commonly used to store waste. Possibly the subject has been discarded by friends, peers, or a significant other and now wears the melancholy booties of isolation.

Or perhaps the opposite is true: the subject denies the realities of her environment, and she wears the sterile, white foot condoms to form a protective barrier between herself and the outside world.

Regardless of one’s interpretation, the message of the artist is a resounding plea to reject the ever-encroaching sterility and isolation of modern life.

Because it is a roving installation, Good Grief! cannot provide the exact location of this piece. However, you can become your own art by obtaining a pair of the white, plastic booties. Go see Pay Up, a fantastic Fringe show performed by Philly’s own Pig Iron Theatre Company, and the booties are yours to keep. Tickets are selling fast, so hurry.

2004 Punkin Chunkin

low flying aircraft
Why are men with trebuchets, catapults, and cannons shooting pumpkins at this airplane?
Because today was the final day of the nineteenth annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin.

Memo to pilots:  for obvious reasons (like huge pumpkins being hurled into the air at ridiculous speeds), there is a low-flying aircraft ban in effect during the festival.

Anyway, Scott–Mr. Blankbaby himself–and I took another cross-blog fieldtrip and trekked to Millsboro, Delaware to witness the spectacle of teams competing for the honor of the longest pumpkin throw.  The prize?  Trophies and bragging rights:  all profits from the festival are donated to charity.

These Chunkers don’t mess around–some of the pumpkins reached distances of over 4,000 feet.   To help you understand the results, I’ve compiled a list of helpful chunkin lingo:

  • Woods: If a pumpkin lands in the woods, the firing team is allowed to take another shot.  Alternately, the team can choose to search for the pumpkin; if they find it in three hours, it counts as an official throw.
  • Pie: A pumpkin that explodes prior to landing is pie and doesn’t count as an official throw.

UPDATE 11/9/04:  Scott has completed his Punkin Chunkin writeup, complete with movies!  In addition, he posted a photo album.

Continue reading “2004 Punkin Chunkin”

Hello Kitty: thirty years of cute

Hello Kitty
Happy thirtieth birthday to Hello Kitty, that irresistible, mouthless feline who brings out the inner consumer whore in all of us. Seriously, the Sanrio employee who thought up Hello Kitty should get the Nobel Prize in marketing genius.

My friend Superwoman, maker of apple-almond cheesecakes, organizer of book clubs, and sender of good links, has provided a link to the Hello Kitty charity auction, which benefits UNICEF and Target House. Sample items:

  • Hello Kitty 25 Airstream Trailer
  • Steve Madden Hello Kitty Satin Stiletto Boots
  • BCBG Max Azria Hello Kitty silk and cashmere cardiwrap sweater
  • Celebrity Hello Kitty art by everyone from Ted Danson to Tyra Banks to Sidney Poitier (?!?)

The holidays are almost here, so I’d like all of you to know that I wear a US size 8 stiletto boot. Also, I know that it is illegal and wrong to put Hello Kitty’s face on this weblog; her cuteness makes me criminal.

South Philly light tour

South Philly light tour

Inflatable Mr. Stud in the hall closet

Mr. Stud

Mr. Stud

What is this inflatable, action motion Mr. Stud box doing in the hall closet? Fair question. I first met Mr. Stud in January of 2003. He was dressed in jeans and a hoodie, calmly occupying an old rocking chair in the basement, and I was coming down the steps with a load of laundry.

“Fuuuuuuuuck. Serial killer in the house. What the fuuuuuuuuck?”


“Blow up doll? Who the !#$^%^% *&!! dressed up an inflatable doll and put him in the ^&!! basement? ”

The ensuing investigation revealed that Mr. Stud belonged to the guy on the first floor, Industrious R. Industrious R runs a freelance camera crew operation, a job that entails lots of double parking and lots of parking tickets. The intent was for Mr. Stud to sit in the passenger seat of the illegally-parked camera crew van while Industrious R did his errands, somehow tricking the Philadelphia Parking Authority into easing up on the citations.

This plan, however, was never implemented. Mr. Stud lived in our basement until Industrious R and his wife moved to Collingswood. The day after they moved, I found Mr. Stud’s empty box in the trash and decided to keep it for future use in a practical joke. Unfortunately, I never did think of a good joke, and now I’m scared to throw away the box, lest the neighbors get the wrong idea.

Moral: think carefully before you take an inflatable, action motion Mr. Stud box out of the basement trashcan.