Thanksgiving decorations

Fishtown Thanksgiving decorations
To Suzette and Tom and anyone else distressed by “Christmas creep” and the resulting lack of Thanksgiving decorations: know that the people of Fishtown are fighting the good fight.

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 responses to “Thanksgiving decorations”

  1. Suzette

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    (Love this home’s decorations – you can tell it’s done by die-hard traditionalists. The pilgrims made of melted platic bits are the giveaway.)

  2. Tom G

    Wow Becky, you, uh, have really spruced up the place.

  3. Becky

    Heh. I walked by today, and the owners of this house were busy raking leaves, taking down the fall decorations, and putting up a Christmas flag. I can’t wait to see what the full-fledged yuletide display looks like.