Ricketts Glenn

Wow, Ricketts Glenn is gorgeous. A perfect outing for last weekend’s perfect weather. The leaves in Northern Pennsylvania were just starting to change, the park’s waterfalls were falling, despite the recent dry spell, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Actually, a lack of clouds isn’t always desireable, since nothing adds interest to your photos like some nice, puffy clouds. Thank goodness for the magic of digital technology:

10 responses to “Ricketts Glenn”

  1. Dave

    I think you need a picture of Mr. Happy Face in there to balance out that angry cloud.

    Is the cloud angry at those kids?

  2. Ryan

    Don’t hate on the boy scouts. They just like to have fun.

  3. Becky

    Ryan, I’m not hating on the Boy Scouts, but maybe they should use their inside voices when visiting a serene and beautiful place like Ricketts Glenn.

  4. Anonymous

    I love Ricketts Glenn! It’s my favorite place to hike within driving distance of Philly. Double gorges and something like 23 waterfalls.

  5. Sassy J

    that post was from me

  6. Gary

    I understand what you mean, Becky, by the inside voices.

    When we went to Ricketts Glen much of the ambiance was lost by the crowds and the noise they created. Unfortunately it is the unfortunate outcome of its notoriety and beauty.

    However, when we went to Acadia National Park during the week after Memorial Day, 2004, there was NO ONE there (the mornings were a fresh 38F but the daytimes were a wonderful 65), and it felt as if we were the only two people on the trails (with very rare exception).

    I’ve resolved to only visit such serene beauty during the week, when most are unable to muck up the experience.

    PS-thanks for responding to my email. I’m writing a more substantial response when I have a moment.

  7. Clair

    Hmmm, angry cloud, lightning strike into the water right next to the scouts…nope, no hating there.

  8. Type E

    It appears as though the angry cloud has something against rocks. The scouts are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  9. Clair

    True. I didn’t notice where the eyes were looking before. They were probably loud because they needed help. It all makes sense now.

  10. Type E

    That huge arrow also looks rather sharp, and could further endanger the scouts as they run away from the lightning.