Support magnetic ribbons

Support Magnetic Ribbons

Support Magnetic Ribbons

Yesterday the soulless office park Business Intelligence crew, led by boss-across-the-hall, played hooky at Six Flags Great Adventure to celebrate our Award. For job security reasons I don’t talk much about work, but I’m leaving anyway, so what the hell?

A few months ago, boss-across gave me the green light to enter one of our projects into a Business Intelligence best practices competition. And we won! Kudos, press releases, and long lunches ensued. Someone even wrote a congratulatory City Paper love/hate haiku. So you can see that we pretty much rule.

But you know who doesn’t rule? The knucklehead who stole my Support Magnetic Ribbons magnetic ribbon from the Great Adventure parking lot.  Get your own ribbon!

Hat tip to Dave the Lunabomber for the magnetic ribbon link. Remember, when you buy a support magnetic ribbons magnetic ribbon, 25% of the proceeds go directly towards the magnetic ribbon industry.

10 responses to “Support magnetic ribbons”

  1. Type E

    I fully support the safety of magnetic ribbons. We must ask ourselves, however, if it really is worth the risk to leave them fully exposed, without proper protection, in the parking lot of an amusement park. I call upon congress to get our nation’s magnets off the cars, vans and trucks of this world and onto the safety of the fridge!

  2. Sam

    O I didn’t know you could take those things off. I’ve tried to, but they don’t come off easy.

  3. Becky

    Sam, it had only been on for about two days, so there wasn’t a lot of time for the ribbon to get good and baked onto the car.

    By the way, where were you on June 27th between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM?

  4. Sam

    “By the way, where were you on June 27th between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM?”

    Not getting into any trouble or doing bad things.

    I was at work and then in class.

  5. Faddy O'Toole

    Well, well, this won’t do, it just won’t do! I am always flattered when a ribbon is abducted in a flash of green but I believe you have barely had time to name your alien! I must send you a replacement ribbon at no cost. I will contact you if I can locate your info, but feel free to write me as well.

  6. Becky

    Wow, that is some kick-ass customer service! I suspected that the ribbon wouldn’t last long on a city car, but I thought I’d get more than 2 days out of it!

    I will definitely get in touch, Faddy, and take you up on that offer.

    PS I had removed my alien, so he is safe on the fridge.

  7. Sassy J

    Becky–inspired by you, I also purchased (4) ribbons. Mine has also been stolen off my car in some random Philly parking space in Center City!!! (the alien head is in my glove compartment–maybe it should have been guarding the ribbon). Please people, get your own ribbons.

  8. Jen

    I’ve had my Support Magnetic Ribbons magnetic ribbon on my car for a full 7 months now. In a city like Baltimore, I expected someone to steal it within hours, but it hasn’t happened. It’s a great conversation piece (here’s one post about it in my blog.)

    That’s some awesome customer service you got from justafad!

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Jen,

    Yes Faddy O’Toole rules for sending me a new ribbon. That is some seriously excellent service.

  10. Mike

    I have mine! I never put a ribbon on my car, but I felt compelled to support the magnetic ribbon industry.