Ommegang > Dick Cheney’s Thighs

Ommegang Brewery
A few readers have privately expressed dismay at seeing Dick Cheney’s picture on top of the weblog and have asked could I please put up a new entry? Fair enough, so I’m ending the week with a much happier image: New York’s Ommegang brewery. I visited Ommegang back in May and will update later with more details.

I don’t like to make controversial political statements in this space, but hopefully we can all agree that Ommegang beer is much better than Dick Cheney’s thighs.

10 responses to “Ommegang > Dick Cheney’s Thighs”

  1. Glenn

    Ommegang is good beer!

    That is all.

  2. Becky

    Indeed, Glenn. I like the Hennepin.

    Raul will be interested to know that Ommegang is owned by the Duvel people.

  3. Sassy J

    Becky–you just teased us with the suggestion of a cottage cheese thigh picture–we never actually got to see it. Might be better then his grimacing mug.

  4. Type E

    Much better! Ommegang for VP!

  5. Brent

    Ommegang’s Abbey Ale is fantastic. So rich; so dark; so tasty. I haven’t had one in a few months. Tonight, beer!

  6. Becky

    Hmmm…I don’t care for the Abbey Ale. A little too rich and dark for my blood. I could not endorse this beer for VP.

    But the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same beer!

  7. Raul

    Owned by Duvel? How come you never mentioned this to me before? All these months wasted when I could have been tasting a new Belgian.

  8. very metal

    I see any stated preference for beer over Cheney’s cottage cheese thighs as an exercise in non-choice — Sassy J’s right, we never actually got to see the thighs. Who’s to say what would more intoxicating?

    P.S. It was difficult to find an angle to support the Cheney post but I did my best, since I was mentioned favorably therein. I don’t really thrill to the thought of vice presidential thighs. Also, gimme a nice strong lager over some murky, wheaty ale any day of the week. Bitburger, preferably.

  9. Becky

    Right. Picture of Cheney’s thighs–I’ll work on that.

    Raul, there’s a whole world of Belgian and Belgain-style beers out there if you would get out of your Chimay/Duvel rut 😉

  10. Raul

    But what a fine rut it is….

    This is my latest obsession.