Underground Franklin Museum: why are the phones silent?

Franklin Underground
An explanation for non-Philadelphians: these phones are part of the Underground Franklin Museum, the city’s trippy tribute to the real Big Ben. Visitors use the phones to call D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Paine and other famous people who wax poetic about Benjamin Franklin and his various deeds.

Alas, the Franklin Exchange is on the fritz. Out of order, the sign says. A technical glitch? Possibly. The service has always been spotty, connecting people to Washington when they dial Jefferson. So awkward.

Or maybe everyone got cell phones and neglected to provide the Park Service with their updated contact information. Or perhaps, as a friend suggests, the historical figures are on strike, and we are witnessing “history’s first time-traveling labor dispute.”

Aside from the phone exchange, the best part of the Underground Museum is the neon tribute to Dr. Franklin.

Franklin neon

10 responses to “Underground Franklin Museum: why are the phones silent?”

  1. dana

    that’s just……bizarre.

  2. Sassy J

    Well Ms. Techno Savvy–nice video and image. I am chagrined to admit I have yet to go to the museum–I’ve been waiting to have the nieces and nephews who visit reach an appropriate age. It has been lauded by many.

  3. elbog

    Now, that’s what I call call waiting. Looks like they’re waiting in line to see “Dial M for Murder” or something. . .
    pretty cool.

  4. David

    I always thought that would make a cool afterhours spot.

  5. Jay V

    Haha I didn’t even know we had an underground franklin museum!

    I gots ta get with the times, yo!

  6. Mrs Moon Pappy

    HUm…I don’t remember that the neon signs seem to go on forever…maybe some of the energy should be used on the phone system. To get with the times maybe there should be a way to hook up with the I-Pod ear-phones!

  7. Moon Pappy

    Oops. Error in selecting the drop drown menue. The previous message came from the original …. Pappy! Mrs Moon Pappy’s at work (5 more to go)

  8. Becky

    Ah. It all makes sense now–I thought it was strange for Mrs. Moon Pappy to make a comment about iPods.

  9. Gina

    I just keep thinking about the GERMS on those phones. Ickkk…

  10. mugu

    all guy man keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff