SEPTA: Investment opportunity of the century!

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Here in Philly, we are distressed about the financial woes of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA), the organization that runs our busses, trolleys, subways, and regional trains. Every year SEPTA ends up short on cash, and every year miracle money mysteriously appears to pull it through the crisis.

But this year, SEPTA really, really means it. If it doesn’t get a cash infusion, it will implement the dreaded CONTINGENCY PLAN, which involves layoffs, fare hikes, and service reductions.

All of this drama presents a unique investment possibility. I have decided to invest in SEPTA tokens and recommend that you do the same. Check this math:

  • base fare, current = $2.00
  • token price, current = $1.30
  • base fare, proposed effective 2/27/2005 = $2.60
  • token price, proposed effective 2/27/2005 = $1.70
  • base fare, proposed effective 3/6/2005 = $3.00
  • token price, proposed effective 3/6/2005 = $2.00

If SETPA raises fares on February 27th, each token you buy now will be worth an additional forty cents. That’s a return of almost 31%! If they raise fares again in March, your tokens will increase in value by over 50%. And if you compare the current token price to the future base fares, your rate of return is even higher.

Because the tokens are guaranteed not to decrease in value, this is a low-risk, high-profit investment and an outstanding opportunity to infuse SEPTA with the money it needs while lining your own pockets. Please feel free to forward this information to everyone you know.

18 responses to “SEPTA: Investment opportunity of the century!”

  1. Dave

    This is better than that Nigeria thing I invested in! Becky, I find your ideas intriguing, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  2. Becky

    Send your full name, date of birth, and social security number, and I’ll be happy to sign you up for my newsletter.

  3. Tom

    NYC used to change the tokens whenever they raised the fare by any significant amount. The one time they didn’t change I bought six months worth of tokens and avoided the rate hike for half the year.

    Now they use the MetroCard which holds an actual dollar value and not a number of rides.

  4. Jen

    SEPTA reminds me of a Septic Tank.

    MARTA, which stands for Metro Atlanta Rail Transit Authority, is planning on jacking up rates from the airport. Even though it’ll be $3.50 instead of $1.75, whatre gonna do? Take a cab? No. And no one wants to pick your ass up in traffic. CAPTIVE AUDIENCE.

  5. Sam

    I think SEPTA is having some self-esteem issues. I have seen several buses advertise car dealerships in Bala Cynwd and other burbs. I think the ad agency they hired needs to be fired. And then I need to be the elected/hired as the sole manager of SEPTIC.

  6. Scott

    Why should I invest in SEPTA when my elected officials won’t?

    Am I deep or what?

  7. Becky

    Well, Scott, when I read about that Route 15 trolley oversight, I could almost understand why the rest of PA is reluctant to give SETPA more money. I think we should have both increased dedicated public transit funding AND people who won’t squander said money by doing stupid shit like that.

    Maybe Sam should be in charge after all.

    But anyway, this investment plan is about maximizing your return, not thinking deep thoughts.

  8. Scott

    And THAT is why I will never be an investment mogul. I am too busy thinking while others are busy doing, and reaping the rewards.

    What is up with that?

  9. Tintil

    Becky, I think you should send SEPTA the aardvark and bear drawings you made on the transport map.

    SEPTA could sell your artwork to raise funds, you could take a cut of the profits and you also won’t ruin your pockets by carrying around all those tokens.

  10. Sassy J

    They are going to have two fare hikes one week apart? What lunacy is that? Typical for our city. Hey SEPTA, save yourself some training for employees and public alike–do one fare hike.

  11. Sam

    Maybe SEPTA should join up with Neiman Marcus and have a 1 million dollar token in exchange for unlimited rides for life.

  12. Ryan

    MARTA, which really stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (no offense, Tom; I’m a perfectionist), so far has not announced further developments in that particular issue. It was not well recieved by Atlantans, and I doubt it will go anywhere. Hopefully, SEPTA’s contingency plan will not happen either – it sounds extremely painful for riders.

  13. D Umber

    Well, no fare increase after all. The investment oppurtunity of a lifetime fizzled to nothing.

    Aside from denying tokens to those in need, the result is sunk costs. This type of investment borders on lunacy.

    Thank heavens I didn’t listen to you.

  14. Becky

    Ok, so this scheme didn’t work out, er, exactly as I had anticipated. However, I think the lunacy bit is unjustified, since the tokens are still worth their original face value and have not depreciated.

    D Umber is unsubscribed from my investment newsletter!

  15. Fred

    Not such a great deal after all.

    Prices did not rise.

    Talk to a couple of seniors at the University of Pennsylvania, who are pleading to have pre-purchased tokens refunded!

  16. Fred

    According to Commonwealth of Pensylvania Statues, fare instruments such as tickets tokens and passes, have no cash value!

    It is illegal to barter and trade these items.

    You really gave some bad advice!

  17. Becky

    Okay, Fred is also unsubscribed.

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