Good Grief! One year?

birthday cake
January 1st was the one year anniversary of Good Grief! Back in the day, many of the posts were political and sports-oriented and not even written by me.

You know what I like about this site? The diversity of people who stop by: Democrats, Republicans, parents, students, homosexuals, heterosexuals, metrosexuals, carnivores, herbivores, Christians, atheists, geeks, Luddites, academics, artists, cubicle slaves, Philadelphians, Philistines, and Viggo Mortensen stalkers.

Thanks to everyone for visiting.

Below are my favorite entries from the past year:

PS I got an e-mail from a FOMP (friend of Moon Pappy) who wants me to pursue a weblog award. I dunno. Should I try to win a bloggie for the “best tagline of a weblog”?” Then I could get rich and famous and tell boss-across-the-hall that I’m going to quit the soulless office park and devote my life to the Internet.

15 responses to “Good Grief! One year?”

  1. Dana

    well, all say this, is times of extreme polarization (all parties to blame)–you must be doing SOMETHING right.
    And i have to say that the Kerry/ Bush interviews were my FAVS! BOTH OF THEM!

  2. Clair

    My favorite was the one were everyone found out I was hot.

  3. Jane

    Hey, go for the tagline bloggie. I know it makes *me* laugh every time I read it.

  4. yoko

    I’ve nominated you!

  5. jt

    So, who got the Inflatable Mr. Stud for the the soulless office park holiday gift exchange?

  6. Jen

    You have been duly nominated. My goal is to get on the panel of judges..

  7. Splurge

    Uhmm, hello?!
    You forgot ‘Canadians’ in your list of readers!
    Man, we get NO respect…

  8. Moon Pappy

    WHAT I have a “friend” out there in cyberland, does this mean there might be a FOMP fan club….?
    Seriously, if we faithful readers of doesthisblogmakemybuttlookbig can vote for the favorite of the year I would vote for the mountain goats in Montana and for the informative Bush and Kerry interviews. But for the long term serial you cannot beat the “Boss accross the hall” episodes. The Christmas light story still bring a smile to this MP’s face. I think you should consider illustrating and possible animating him. He just might be your ticket to famedome and winning the big blog in the sky award. Question, does he look alittle like the inflatable Mr. Stud? Hey all of you fellow readers lend Good Grief a hand and pull your imaginations….just let it go….!

  9. yoko

    Ya know, Moon Pappy, I have to agree with you that the Boss-across-the-hall updates is the best serial. And I think your idea of illustrating him for the blog would be hilarious!

  10. wanda

    By all means persue any weblog award you want. You’d qualify in more than one catagory. I read a lot of blogs most are average, but, ocassionally I come across one that is outstanding. Your’s is one of those. I love your witty, sassy style of writing and your open minded approach to almost every subject. Usually when you have a blog where the writer has talent in writing, the over all look leaves a bit to be desired. Not so here. You have a great look to compliment your writing. I’d certainly vote for you!

  11. Scott

    I enjoy most of your posts, Becky, but I especially enjoy thats one involve me in some way.

    I’m quite an interesting fellow.

  12. honestyrain

    i’m new to your site, coming via just breath where you are mentioned within a post. i’m glad i came. it’s funny the number of really interesting blogs that i don’t come across on my usual travels. it seems everyone i read has the same blogroll. i’ll be visiting again.

  13. Becky

    Aw, thanks for the kind words, everyone.

    About the Canadians–my bad. I love the Canucks, even the snowboarding iPodders! There are some Brits, French, and Australians out there, but I don’t know if people from anywhere else have stopped by.

    Moon Pappy, your friend does spend a lot of time in cyberland, but you also know him in real life (hint: he shares your name).

  14. Kathy

    I had heard Barry Schwartz interviewed on NPR and found his topic fascinating. The whole “too many choices” issue has been apparent lately. I have all of these things I want to do and don’t know how to fit it all in. I think “Simplify” is my mantra for 2005.

  15. whitebait

    I’m going to be boring here and simply say ‘Happy Birthday Good Grief!’. Australian metrosexual urban-o-philes across the … errr, world, salute your fabulous postings.