Hello Kitty: thirty years of cute

Hello Kitty
Happy thirtieth birthday to Hello Kitty, that irresistible, mouthless feline who brings out the inner consumer whore in all of us. Seriously, the Sanrio employee who thought up Hello Kitty should get the Nobel Prize in marketing genius.

My friend Superwoman, maker of apple-almond cheesecakes, organizer of book clubs, and sender of good links, has provided a link to the Hello Kitty charity auction, which benefits UNICEF and Target House. Sample items:

  • Hello Kitty 25 Airstream Trailer
  • Steve Madden Hello Kitty Satin Stiletto Boots
  • BCBG Max Azria Hello Kitty silk and cashmere cardiwrap sweater
  • Celebrity Hello Kitty art by everyone from Ted Danson to Tyra Banks to Sidney Poitier (?!?)

The holidays are almost here, so I’d like all of you to know that I wear a US size 8 stiletto boot. Also, I know that it is illegal and wrong to put Hello Kitty’s face on this weblog; her cuteness makes me criminal.

6 responses to “Hello Kitty: thirty years of cute”

  1. TPB, Esq.

    I’m still working my head around the whole Sidney Poitier thing. It could be worked into a great con, a la “Six Degrees of Separation.”

  2. Tintil

    I’m facing a dilemma! Do I go for the Hello Kitty thong, the Inflatable Mr Stud Sexy Printed Undies or should I just get some thermal long-johns and stop having impure thoughts?

  3. Dana (American Evacuee)

    she looks good for 30–think she’s had work done??

  4. Clair

    How does it eat?

  5. Jen
  6. Clair

    I don’t think it has a mouth at all. I think it is some kind of mutant created by atomic testing 30 years ago. Kinda like Godzilla but without all the scales and fire breath.