Crazy Toilets

Why do these toilets persist in giving unsolicited advice? This is a picture of a toilet in Old City. This toilet should mind its own business.

toilet sign

Then there was that artsy-fartsy toilet (also in Old City), reminding us of society’s eroding boundaries.

toilet on wheels

And then, on Saturday night, an annoyingly perky toilet was lurking around the ATM at Fourth and Market.

perky toilet

6 responses to “Crazy Toilets”

  1. Jen

    Real eyes? Well thank god I decided not to get those glass eye implants.

  2. Subtext Whore

    Real eyes? Is the usage of coloured contacts really on a par with coloured hair? And besides, there’s nothing wrong with coloured hair, provided you’re worth it*.

    *Loreal (TM)

  3. Theresa

    Then I’ll stick with the fake guys. I’ll be makin’ fakin’ all night while the toilet comforts miss natural.

  4. Theresa

    A toilet should be seen, not heard. And preferably the lid should be shut, too.

    Why did you share your antagonistic toilets with us? why oh why?

  5. Becky

    Consider it a pubic public service.

  6. Bernard (The Beat is back)

    “pubic public service”

    Thanks Becky, that was a great comment.

    Maybe we should replace those annoying public service announcements that are on TV with announcements from toilets.