Boss-across-the-hall update

He is in rare form this week. Overheard from across the hall:

  • “My mojo is gone! They’ve ruined my mojo!”
  • “My Outlook is doggin’ me. WOOOOF. WOOOOF.”
  • [to his computer] “Who’s your daddy?”

5 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update”

  1. Theresa

    wow. much more g-rated than you’d hear from my workspace.

  2. Jav

    that’s actually not a good entry to jump into when you haven’t read for a while.

  3. Becky

    That’s what you get for popping in without calling first!

  4. JuicyV

    Does he talk to his other office items as well. I want to know what he says to his stapler!

  5. Jen

    You should steal his stapler.