Boss-across-the-hall update

Boss-across-the-hall: I got the last glue stick from the supply closet!
Me: We have glue sticks in the supply closet?
Boss-across-the-hall: Not anymore!

I’ve never needed a glue stick at this job, but if boss-across-the-hall has one, then I want one too. It’s very quiet over there. The door is halfway shut, but from what I can see, there is some kind of secret project involving the glue stick and a big database diagram. What could it be?

4 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update”

  1. Clair

    Maybe it is a big poster of a database diagram?

  2. Tintil

    It’s nice to know that some things are the same wherever you live. We also have glue sticks in the stationary cupboard where I work, even though no-one ever uses them. There are so many items in there which I can’t find any use for (Bulldog clips, treasury tags – I could go on.) It’s much harder to find AA batteries though which disappear as soon as the stock is replenished (I’m sure people steal them to use at home.)

  3. Becky

    So true about the batteries. My pager died (oh, the horror); when I went to replace the battery, there were boxes and boxes of AAA and 9-volt batteries in the closet, but not an AA to be found.

  4. Mark

    The latest version MySQL comes standard with a glue stick, doesn’t it?

    WRONG. Bawnk on the forehead… It comes with White-out. My bad.