Boss-across-the-hall update: skinny legs

golf cart

I got to drive

A few people expressed concern over last week’s company golf outing:

I am also shocked, actually scandalized that you play golf. Do you have your own clubs? Do you secretly own outfits with frogs/whales/strawberries embroidered on shorts and/or appearing in a belt clasp?

It’s true. I’ve decided it’s easier to conform. New resolutions: shop in the sportswear section of Macy’s, learn how to apply makeup, buy a sport utility vehicle, flip collar.

But seriously. There are few activities I won’t try if it means an early escape from the soulless office park on a beautiful Friday afternoon. My job was to take pictures, putt, and operate the cart, which ruled because you can drive all over the fairway and in the woods and everywhere. I shared the cart with boss-across-the-hall, who was genuinely alarmed as we zipped back and forth through a tiny tunnel at full speed, trying to catch up to the coworker with the secret beer stash.

And speaking of boss-across-the-hall, check out his skinny legs! Surprisingly, that sunflower seed diet is actually working.

18 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update: skinny legs”

  1. Scott

    Oddly enough, this summer I am supposed to go for my first golf outing with a co-worker of mine (also named Scott, imagine the wackiness! ‘Scott, can you get that club for me?’ ‘Who me?’ ‘No, the other one.’).

    Golf looks like my kinda sport, hit a ball, hope in a cart and drive to where the ball is, hit it again. Repeat.

    I just need to get some plaid pants.

  2. DannyBoy

    What kind of beer do you have in your hand?

  3. judy

    Who’s sporting the black knee socks with the white tennies????? Definately not a golfer. Please Becky, tell me it isn’t you!!!

  4. Clair

    So you drove, took pictures, and sometimes putted. Uh, you didn’t play golf. You were a caddy.

    BTW, you are not supposed to drive on the fairway. That is why there are cart paths.

  5. Becky

    The beer is a Yeungling, the black socks are not mine, and you can totally drive on the fairway.

  6. DannyBoy

    I was hoping that the socks were not yours, there are some long dark hairs on those legs. The other legs in that picture are not Boss-across-the-hall’s are they? He drinks Budweiser?? I lost all respect for him.

  7. Becky

    In boss-across’s defense, I must point out that the beer selection was extremely limited: Budweiser, Coors or Miller (forget which), and Yeungling (the obvious choice in this situation).

  8. Sassy J

    So, boss across the hall wears black socks? Now that I have hyperlink knowledge, I can’t find that friggin UK website with all the hideous black socks/socks with sandals, etc. images. Why is it so hard for men to understand acceptable sock/footwear combinations (socks with sandals=nightmare; dark socks with athletic shoes=you should be shot; white/light socks with dress shoes=you should be deported to England)? Do men not understand that the wrong combo turns us off as much as protruding nose hairs? I know neither of those pairs of legs are yours–which leads me to assume that boss across the hall has taken advantage of this outing to give some female colleague some putting lessons. That and the bud across your butt are pretty salacious. And I am sadly disappointed that you have not taken this opportunity to flip your pink conformist collar.

  9. Bernard (The Beat is back)

    Boss-across-the-hall is not the one with the black socks…he is the “female colleague” that you mentioned.

  10. Sassy J

    Those are boss across the hall’s legs? Get him off the sunflower diet immediately and to a gym! His black socked boyfriend will love him for that! Or, he could simply get a calf implant.

  11. Sassy J

    I can’t believe my first hyperlink insertion of my life results in WebMD not providing the right page (or did I put in an extra back-slash?) Here’s the info (search for calf implant in the above hyperlink and click on the first article):

    Et tu, calf? Calf implants, too, can help men fill out their chicken legs and help women shape and increase the size of their lower legs. In 2003, 1,170 people had their legs surgically enhanced with calf implants, according to ASAPS stats.

  12. Becky

    Sheesh, I’m glad I just had my performance review. I hope boss-across doesn’t stumble across these comments.

    People, please keep in mind that this was an IT golf outing, so black socks and other fashion faux pas are par for the course. Get it? I crack myself up.

    Sassy J, I tried to flip my collar for the picture, but it was too flimsy and wouldn’t stay up.

  13. Sassy J

    Attention co-workers of the Blog mistress: I apologize for any personal offense my Sassy comments may have caused–is is all tongue-in-cheek–and I really did not mean to offend anyone (none of whom I thought would see this blog). To put a constructive spin on it, here are simple fashion rules: If it’s hot enough for sandals, you don’t need socks. Light shoes, light socks. Dark shoes, dark socks. I have faith that you can follow this simple code–since I know many of you are techies.

  14. Clair

    So does the sock rule only apply to sandles or do flip-flops count too? What if your sneakers are black? And why isn’ this stuff written down if it is so important?

    Also, Becky, Yuengling is the beer. I believe Yeungling was one of those panda bears at the Washington Zoo.

  15. Becky

    If it wasn’t clear before, it should now be perfectly obvious that Clair is a man (his choice of alias is probably due to metrosexual confusion).

  16. Clair

    Yes, I am a man. And confused (what the hell is a metrosexual? Someone turned on by mass transit?).

  17. Sassy J

    Oh Clair–you have so much to learn. If you were a metro-sexual you would already know all about sock/shoe pairings (and we haven’t even discussed belts), about male hair-care products, and how to make a good ceviche. You would also be sensitive–so you definitely aren’t metro. I like your irrevent dry self. Please don’t go a changin. Beyond the supercilious flip flop and sock question, you bring up an important nuance regarding the black sneakers–my advice–don’t purchase them as to avoid this issue–or wear them only with black jeans and of course, black socks. Black sneaker should not be worn with shorts.

  18. Clair

    Yeah, I do have a lot to learn. Let’s start with what a “ceviche” is. Wait on the belt thing. I don’t want my head to explode.