More therapy

Em, the expletive-spewing neighborhood art teacher and amateur cognitive therapist, is in Italy for two weeks.

In her absence, I decided to seek therapy from J the Obscure, soulless office park receptionist extraordinaire. Her advice comes straight from the mouth of her 96-year-old, chain-smoking, South Philly Italian grandmother:

Fuck ’em all except for six–you’ll need pallbearers.

5 responses to “More therapy”

  1. DCA

    Fuck ’em all. I decided on cremation years ago.

  2. Mark

    Thanks for making me blow a mouthful of chocolate milkshake out my nose. Now I’ve got to contend with the impending brain-freeze.

  3. Becky

    She’s too shy to post a comment, but J the Obscure is happy to be a brain-freeze participant.

  4. Dana (the crack whore)

    no really–i’m with poor mark
    could we PLEASE get a beverage spew warning??
    i tell you what–i’ll make the DAMN button if you’ll just WARN PEOPLE!

    i cannot have sticky keys on SATURDAY!

  5. marcus

    Wish that disclaimer had been on the post side of the blog and not the comments! Because, I, too, fell victim to the beverage spewing syndrome (mountain dew out the nose) apparently caused by the wisdom of italian, old ladies.

    Great post.