Boss-across-the-hall update

He is on this strange diet where he eats nothing but sunflower seeds, which of course is an invitation to swipe his big bag of sunflower seeds.

3 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update”

  1. Clair

    Or you could swipe his trash can so he has no where to spit the shells out

  2. Becky

    I forgot to write about the shells. There’s always a nice little pile of them next to his keyboard.

  3. Moon Pappy

    Why don’t you supply the boss-across-the-hall a pack of shelled sunflower seeds. Or introduce him to pumpkin seeds come the witching season. DAMMMMMM Ihatewhenthesunflowereseedsstuckinmykeyboardmyspacebardoesnotworkanymore