Legendary Shack Shakers

An important public service announcement for those in the Philadelphia area. The Legendary Shack Shakers are playing at the Khyber on Tuesday, July 13th.

According to Bloodshot Records, the band’s label, “The ‘Shakers whip up a witches brew of hillbilly hellfire and blues brimstone. The locomotive rhythms of traditional bluegrass, the intensity of Mississippi roadhouse blues, and the full on sonic assault of Slayer create a fertile and jumpy hybrid that will leave you a helpless, sweaty mess.”

It’s all true, but be forewarned: I saw these guys last year, and halfway through the set, the lead singer took out his willy. That’s right—the old one-eyed trouser snake made an appearance. Just thought you should have all the facts.

Samples of the Legendary Shack Shakers are here. If you enjoy letting it all hang out, the band is currently looking for a drummer.