Philadelphia baseball: we want beer!

Shibe Park Turnstile
A quiz:

  • Where did baseball’s first stolen base happen?
  • Which city had the first openly salaried baseball player?
  • Which city boasted the first concrete and steel baseball stadium?
  • Which city greeted Herbert Hoover with chants of “we want beer” at the 1931 World Series?

That’s right–Philadelphia. Why am I suddenly a font of Philadelphia baseball trivia? Because I went to a great exhibit at Philadelphia’s Atwater Kent Museum: Baseball in Philadelphia, 1876 – 2004.

The exhibit is small but fascinating; if you’re a baseball fan–even if Philadelphia is not your team–you should check it out. The Athletics, the Phillies, the city’s rich history of Negro League baseball, the ballparks–it’s all there. The exhibit runs through October 4, 2004.

PS Annoyingly, we missed the Phillie Phanatic by only a few hours. He was at the museum promoting the books The Phillie Phanatic’s Moving Day and The Phillie Phanatic’s Happiest Memories.

3 responses to “Philadelphia baseball: we want beer!”

  1. DCA

    It looks like the (now Oakland) A’s still use the elephant as their mascot, though he’s no longer white. Just think: if the A’s had never moved, the Phanatic would only have the second biggest nose in Philadelphia sports. And now that I think about it, does the Phanatic even have a nose? Too deep a question for Monday morning.

    (By the way, your mood picture says “confused,” but the expression looks more like “mildly disgusted.”)

  2. Becky

    That elephant is kinda cute, though he ain’t no Phanatic. I would’ve said that the Phanatic’s most prominent facial feature is a snout, not a nose. However, a quick Google smackdown proves me wrong:

    Phillie Phanatic nose = 45
    Phillie Phanatic snount = 35

  3. Becky

    Oh yeah…I guess that could also be his mouth, since that’s where the tongue emerges.

    Phillie Phanatic mouth = 81