Duchamp homage

An astute reader added some commentary to Tuesday’s water fountain art review:

…considering it is a signed receptacle of water with a drain, it may be a homage to Marcel Duchamp’s urinal (Oh knowledgeable blog mistress, please find a photo of the infamous urinal, 1917, and paste it in).

She’s right–I overlooked the Duchamp connection! Probably not a good idea to paste in someone else’s photo, though. Plus, we have such crazy copyright laws–is a urinal from 1917 in the public domain? Will the Duchamp estate sue me? If you really want to see the urinal, go here.

One response to “Duchamp homage”

  1. Sassy J

    I know this never generated interest on the blog–but at the time Duchamp submitted it as an artwork and signed it “R. Mutt” in homage to the porcelain factory “R. Mott” it did. Alfred Steiglitz photographed it and put it in a zine–it was dubbed “madonna of the bathroom” because it looked like a veiled madonna from the cast shadows. Duchamp did what you do–make people look at the ordinary in a new way.